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Crave! at Beach Hop in Whangamata

I enjoyed my first Beach Hop at the east Coromandel town of Whangamata last week. I say “enjoyed” deliberately, because there is so much enthusiasm and passion involved in this annual coming together of classic car aficionados that it is…

Crave! episode 15 — Hail, Caesar!, Grimsby, Bowie: Waiting In The Sky

Hail, Caesar!

Simon and Steve have very divided opinions of both the new Sacha Baron Cohen film, Grimsby, and the latest from the Coen brothers, Hail, Caesar!. But they’re in agreement that Bowie: Waiting In The Sky, the upcoming David Bowie tribute…

Bowie: Waiting For The Sky rehearsal photos

Simon and Steve went to see rehearsals for Bowie: Waiting In The Sky in Auckland this week, and while Simon was busy interviewing the incredibly talented band and singers for this week’s episode of Crave!, Steve’s camera was working overtime.