City Of Souls release their debut album Synaesthesia

Auckland alt-rock outfit City Of Souls have dropped their mammoth 16 track debut album SYNAESTHESIA.

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The band has been teasing the album with the singles ‘Sleep’, ‘Water’, ‘Long Gone’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Ferryman’, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Shimmer’ and ‘Cruelty’. Now with the release comes the brand new single ‘Whispers’.

A collaboration between City of Souls guitarists Trajan Schwencke and Marcus Powell, ‘Whispers’ is a dramatic soundscape that depicts the memory of a friend who took her own life. 

SYNAESTHESIA has been an album five years in the making. Marcus Powell elaborates: “City of Souls have hit every single obstacle and block you can imagine. For us, this album is about endurance, passion, and a deep love for music.

“We have had these songs written and recorded with (producer) Forrester Savell for a long time but for whatever reason our timelines and plans kept changing. What I love is the solidarity and persistence within the City of Souls family has pushed through. No matter what happened with the cancelled tours, shows, album deals and record labels we, as a collective, have stayed strong and loyal,” Powell says.

“To say we are excited to release this album is an understatement,” Powell continues.

“I am so proud of the boys and the extended families for sticking this out and being here for each other. I am grateful for the support of the fans for carrying us through as well. I can’t wait for everyone to hear and experience our journey to date. Thank you to City of Souls, the Street teams, the fans and everyone involved to bring this Taonga (treasure) to life!

City of Souls have built a solid reputation as a live act to be reckoned with and developed a strong fanbase in New Zealand and across the world. With support locally including The Rock and Radio Hauraki, the band continue to push the envelope with their sound single by single, resulting in a solid collection of 16 tracks for the debut album.

City Of Souls formed in August 2015 by guitarists Trajan Schwencke (Cold by Winter, In Dread Response) and Steve Boag (In Dread Response, Blacklistt). Vocalist Richie Simpson (New Way Home) found their existing tracks immediately captivating and joined the band. Guitarist Marcus Powell (founding member of multi-platinum bands Blindspott and Blacklistt) then joined, and the line-up was complete with Daniel Insley on Bass (Solstate) and Drummer Corey Friedlander (In Dread Response / 8 Foot Sativa).

The City Of Souls sound is a true amalgamation of the members bringing something from each of their projects. Creating one of New Zealand’s heaviest and most loved rock bands.


SYNAESTHESIA Tracklisting:

1) ‘Life Blood’

2) ‘Ferryman’

3) ‘Whispers’

4) ‘Cruelty’

5) ‘Shimmer’

6) ‘Wolf’

7) ‘White Ghost’

8) ‘Sleep’

9) ‘Water’

10) ‘Long Gone’

11) ‘Tying Tongues’

12) ‘Brush Strokes’

13) ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’

14) ‘Mountain’

15) ‘Iron Heart’

16) ‘Synaesthesia’

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