Gin Wigmore returns with uplifting new song ‘Hangover Halo’

One of New Zealand’s most celebrated artists, Gin Wigmore, marks an exciting new chapter in her remarkable journey with new single ‘Hangover Halo’.

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‘Hangover Halo’ has all the hallmarks of a classic Gin Wigmore tune – unmistakable vocals, insightful lyricism and a chorus you can’t help but sing along to.

Hangover Halo | Gin Wigmore

Part of the proceeds will go to Panthera – an organization solely devoted to the conservation of the world’s wild cats and their ecosystems. Anyone purchasing the song through can offer a donation to The campaign has specifically been set up to bring awareness to Tigers in the hopes to bring about action and support for enacting the Big Cat Safety Act, a bi-partisan bill to end commercial captive breeding and exploitation of Tigers in the U.S.A.

‘Hangover Halo’ symbolises a significant milestone for the Auckland-born, now US-based singer and songwriter, who took the music world by storm with her debut album, 2009’s HOLY SMOKE. It is the first song she has released as an independent artist and after the birth of her second child.

Being a parent has allowed Gin to reflect on her own childhood, inspiring her to write ‘Hangover Halo’.

“I would rebel against just about everything, mostly just to see what happens, living life like one big and beautiful science experiment. It would boil over from time to time and be cause for great celebration from me every time it did. My poor mum generally suffering through the brunt of my late nights, booze thievery and general self-abandon,” she says.

“But it is that invincible shield of a rose-coloured lens that made life so damn tasty as a young teenager. ‘Hangover Halo’ is all about that. About that lust for life, the innocent and naive perspective to rebelliously come as you are. Imperfections and all. ‘Hangover Halo’ is a song about seeing yourself and the world for what it is – a toast to simply being alive. And the idea that you don’t need to compare your own twisty path to the person beside you, with or without a “halo”, you’ll be golden just as you are.”

The single is the first of more to come from Gin, who recently established herself as an independent artist. “For the first time in over 10 years, I am free from the restraints of a major label. Independent in every sense of the word, and it feels f***ing awesome,” she says.

Continuing the familial theme, Gin’s new music is being released via her husband Jason Aalon Butler’s collective 333 Wreckords Crew. Established in late 2019 by the Grammy-nominated Fever 333 frontman, the Crew is an artist-oriented platform, with an already-diverse roster of artists. 

Jason says of the union, “Seven years ago I was lured to a stage at the San Diego stop of the Vans Warped Tour by a voice I had never heard before. And I have yet to hear another one like it. I followed said voice and fell in love with the soul from which it was amplified. First as an artist then as a person. This artist has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine and has shown me how beautiful and sacred art should be. As luck would have it, I ended up marrying that artist, and with even more luck I have been given the privilege of releasing this artist’s upcoming EP. I couldn’t be more proud to announce that artist is Gin Wigmore and she is now a part of the 333 Wreckords Crew.”

As with ‘Hangover Halo’, which brings awareness to Panthera; Gin’s forthcoming singles will also support and highlight different endangered animals of the world and the animal charities that will be set up for donation in support of them. Stay tuned for more!

Gin Wigmore

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