Crave! episode 98: Black Hands, Des, Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Dobbyn, The Beths.

Bruce Springsteen | Letter To You

It’s been a while, but Crave! is back, and better than ever. In a heavily Kiwi-centric comeback episode, Steve and Simon talk about Black Hands, the new dramatisation of the Bain family killings, and about local acts Dave Dobbyn at Spark Arena and The Beths at Auckland Town Hall. And, since there is a world beyond Aotearoa, albeit one we’re keeping at a safe distance, there’s a lot to be said too about Des, the David Tennant-based exploration of British serial killer Denis Nilsen. Steve has taken one for the team and seen the new Sacha Baron Cohen vehicle, the over-egged but under-written Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, and Simon finds something to celebrate in 2020 in the shape of a new Bruce Springsteen album, Letter To You.


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