Crave! episode 99: Wrath Of Man, Locked Down, ZeroZeroZero

Jason Statham in the profoundly rubbish Wrath Of Man.

Crave! is back, and this week Simon and Steve are doing their best to contain their frustration—they’re not angry, they’re just very, very disappointed—at Guy Ritchie’s latest, Wrath Of Man. Significantly less disappointing is Locked Down, surely the first of many, many films that feature the lockdowns of 2020 as plot points. It’s good, but it’s not brilliant. But next to Wrath Of Man, it’s a work of genius. And Simon has been very impressed with ZeroZeroZero, the latest in the Narcos/Ozark “let’s humanise drug dealers” trend, a show that finds the human side of violent criminals.


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