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Sully: a high-flyer of a film about a flight that barely got off the ground


Americans love a good hero, and so the treatment Captain Chesley B Sullenburger — Sully to pretty much the entire world after he landed the Airbus A320 he was flying in New York’s Hudson River after it lost both its engines…

Sausage Party: wrong, for all the right reasons

Sausage Party

Making an animated feature that the parents will enjoy as much as the children will has always been a challenge. Directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon don’t even bother trying to strike that balance in Sausage Party — this one’s…

Nerve: are you a Watcher or a Player? Me, I’m a Watcher.


Nerve is 90 minutes of engagingly tense and sharp thriller. The problem is that it’s a 96-minute film. The film tells the story of the splendidly-named Venus “Vee” Delmonico (Emma Roberts), a slightly shy high-school girl from Staten Island who…

Crave! episode 24: War Dogs, Bad Moms, The Shallows, Passenger

Steve and Simon have both been pleasantly surprised by War Dogs, and moderately entertained by Bad Moms. Simon enjoyed most of The Shallows, while Steve finally wholeheartedly enjoyed a Passenger concert. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Crave! episode 23: Suicide Squad, Lennon: Through A Glass Onion, Our Kind Of Traitor, Miller, Poi E

Neither Simon nor Steve has been terribly impressed with Suicide Squad, the latest offering from the DC universe. Simon’s a little kinder, though, perhaps because Poi E left him in such a good mood, as did Miller’s first concert with…

Career Suicide Squad? DC’s latest is a disappointing mess

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, DC’s attempt to inject a little black humour into its superhero universe, in trying to be all things to all men fails to be very much of anything. The setup will be familiar to anyone who’s seen any…

Crave! episode 22: Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Jason Bourne, Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal

Back in the saddle after a winter break that took Simon to Canada and Steve to Japan, our reviewers are back at their microphones to talk about the controversial Ghostbusters remake, the latest uninspiring Star Trek instalment, the surprisingly-named new Bourne…