Crave! episode 64: Jurassic World — Fallen Kingdom, Tag, Adrift, Tami Nielson

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is the big film in cinemas this week, and Simon and Steve ask if it’s time for the Jurassic series to go extinct. (Hint: yes, it is.) Altogether more engaging is Tag, the true-ish story of five middle-aged blokes who still play tag together every year. With a setup like that, you’d think that this would be a lot of nonsense, but you’d be wrong — it’s entirely more enjoyable than it has any right being. Adrift is far from enjoyable, but it’s definitely worth a watch. And in music, Simon’s been listening to the latest album by Canadian-and-now-Kiwi artist Tami Neilson, and he rather likes what he hears.


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