Miller debuts Shoot Me In The Heart video

What makes the new recording artist Miller worth knowing about? It is a fair question.

The artist Miller is at the start, the front, the very beginning of something he hopes you will feel when you hear his music.

All Miller asks is you let his songs do the singing, so to speak, via the release of his debut 5 track EP ‘Shoot Me In The Heart’.

25 years of age, talented, driven, hungry, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and performer, Miller can already find his way, very nicely, around a recording studio and know what is going on and how to get music recorded. Having first picked up drums before expanding to multiple instruments, Miller maintains “I am first and foremost a singer-songwriter – with a set of drumsticks in my back pocket. I love my live shows to swing between getting a room so quiet you can hear my pick cross every string through one track, to seeing that same crowd bust out the energy inside a completely different groove or song they are just getting to know”.

Miller’s background as an audio engineer, composer and music fan finds him performing and recording all the music on ‘Shoot Me In The Heart’, that’s quite a thing on debut.

Today marks the release of the ‘Shoot Me In The Heart’ video:


Shoot Me In The Heart is available on all digital platforms from May 26.

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