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We’ve covered all manner of bands in Crave: big names like the late Prince, hot younger bands like 21 Pilots and Hozier, and brand new acts like Auckland singer songwriter Miller, a name many will be (so far) unfamiliar with.

This is a roundabout way of saying we like to mix it up. So let’s continue that fine tradition with a band I saw during a family visit to Vancouver Canada over the last week. They’re called Beautiful Disaster. We caught their show at The Roxy on Granville Street.

Let me get the disclosure out of the way, by saying that singer, guitarist and main songwriter Chris Thibault is married to my cousin’s daughter. I’d not met Chris before this visit to Vancouver, but I can iustly be accused of a little bias here – just so you know.

I had a taste of what to expect when chatting to Chris beforehand and mentioning Crave had caught Cleveland duo 21 Pilots on their recent visit to Auckland. Turns out Beautiful Disaster are big fans of the American band, and you can see the influence. The Canadians – with Brandon Hart on vocals and Phil Gardner on drums – present a catchy rock sound with a strong rap presence, provided by Hart. And they combine live playing of instruments with backing tracks.

But they stand on their own. Beautiful Disaster delivered a clutch of songs which got the Roxy to its feet.  The songs, with titles like “Warning Shot”, “Wake Up” and “It’s Not the End of the World”, suggest songwriters who’ve seen the ups and downs of life, but this is music delivered with an open eyed and unaffected enthusiasm. Not a sign of cynicism in sight.

The two frontmen, bearded and black attired vocalist Hart and (also bearded and black attired Thibault) bounce off each other like a couple of blokes who know a thing or two about each other. Hart skips about the stage, pointing, even bowing, at Thibault. They don’t tell you on stage, at least not on the night we saw them at The Roxy, but Brendan was Chris’ best man at his wedding not that long ago. They’re having a grand time on stage, as was the audience soaking it all in.

Not sure if we’ll see them in our part of the world, but if you want to listen to what they’re all about, their self titled EP is available on itunes and Spotify, and here’s a link to their facebook page:


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