Silo Theatre presents Perplex: mind-bending theatre that throws expectation to the elks.



Silo Theatre presents
Written by Marius von Mayenburg/Translated by Maja Zade
Directed by Sophie Roberts
Presented in association with Auckland Live

Award-winning German playwright Marius von Mayenburg throws theatrical conventions at the fourth wall until it breaks as PERPLEX offers audiences a comedy like no other to round out Silo Theatre’s 2016 season. After 2015’s smash hit comedy HUDSON & HALLS LIVE!, Silo stages another outrageous experience, perfect for the silly season. Playing 10 November – 03 December at Auckland Live’s Herald Theatre.

Couple A arrive home from holiday to find their house out of sorts. Couple B had been housesitting and haven’t paid the electricity bill. Couple B arrive home to find that Couple A have let themselves in and have moved their things around. It’s all a bit perplexing. 

Described as an absurdist deconstruction of reality, identity and theatre itself, PERPLEX is a deeply funny and incredibly bonkers farce about nothing and everything at the same time. Kicking off just like any other domestic comedy, PERPLEX quickly devolves into a nonsensical game of blurred lines and morphed characters. From the appearance of an elk, Nietzsche and a Nazi to nude discussions of Darwin – this is one hell of a mind bender.

Riffing on the realities we create and the constant reinvention of ourselves, PERPLEX pokes fun at everything from life in the digital age to contemporary relationships and understanding our place in the world.

Marius von Mayenburg is one of the most widely produced German playwrights. PERPLEXpremiered in 2010 at the Schaubühne in Berlin and was first performed in English (translated by Maja Zade) with Sydney Theatre Company in 2014. In 2016, it makes its New Zealand debut with Silo Theatre.

In a show with very few rules and surreal character swapping, Silo will be testing the wits of some of New Zealand’s best comedic performers: Natalie Medlock (The Blind Date Project, Shortland Street) as “Natalie”, Sam Snedden (The Book of Everything, Private Lives) as “Sam”, and in their Silo debuts – Billy T Award nominee Nic Sampson (Funny Girls, Jono & Ben) as “Nic” and Kura Forrester (Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses, Super City II) as “Kura”.

Director and Silo Artistic Director Sophie Roberts is thrilled about this combination of talent and the presentation of such a unique comedic work “What struck me about this script was the way it talked about these huge, profound questions about existence in such an inventive and hilarious way. It miraculously manages to be both incredibly smart and ridiculously stupid at the same time. It’s wild, it’s fun and it makes us feel ok about the fact that life is messy.” says Roberts.

WARNING: this play contains an abundance of nudity and obscenities

“Incredibly, rib-achingly funny.” AUSTRALIAN STAGE

“It may be the most surprising night you have all year.” STAGE NOISE

Direction: Sophie Roberts
Performance: Kura Forrester, Natalie Medlock, Nic Sampson and Sam Snedden
Design: Daniel Williams, Elizabeth Whiting, Thomas Press and Sean Lynch

For more information and bookings, visit
PERPLEX: 10 NOVEMBER – 03 DECEMBER, Herald Theatre

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