Adele: first thoughts

Adele came to Auckland last night, and Frankie Mahoney sent us this guest review of the show:
I didn’t expect to get a little teary the moment the eyes flickered opened and Adele sang the words Hello!
Adele lived up to every expectation and exceeded a few more.
45000 people and it felt intimate, when “Hello” started you would have though the whole crowd would sing along, but like me, they were in awe of her presence. Her vocals were as strong as they are on the albums, she is authentic and when she started talking…you just didn’t want her to stop. To be fair ;she likes to chat, but she was funny, and that cackle, you laughed with her, and you forgave for not singing.  She belted out all of the favourites, and when she dedicated her song “Make You Feel My Love” to the victims of the London’s attack, you were moved, especially with the audience lighting up the arena with their phone lights. Magic!
There were tears, bugs, hysterics from Adele when a bug landed on her boob, and then climbed into her boot, laughter, banter, cackles, but the most thing was that voice.
I was moved by her presence, her wit and her incredible talent! The AV far out!!!! The screens were spectacular, the imagery was just stunning, and personal, and hey what is better than fireworks coming out of the centre of the stage!
Boom! Adele came to Auckland, and I have to say the best concert I have ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot.
Thanks, Frankie!
And look out for more coverage of last night’s first-time-in-Auckland show from Adele on Crave! soon….

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