Indie-rockers Racing release new single; announce NZ tour dates



Auckland-based band, Racing, drop their new single ‘If Only’ tomorrow. It comes ahead of the release of their highly anticipated EP THE BASS on August 25.

Check out the premiere of ‘If Only’ on The Spinoff now!

Racing is made up of long-time collaborators Ed Knowles and Sven Pettersen – two crucial parts of the colossus that was The Checks. Completing the line-up is two other heavy hitters from the Kiwi alt scene, Daniel Barrett, formerly of Sherpa and Izaak Houston, formerly of Space Creeps.

With their unique blend of psychedelic indie-rock and dance, Racing have been hailed as the future of New Zealand’s thriving indie music scene. And it’s easy to see why on tracks like the EP’s first single ‘The Bass’, which received love from around the world when it was released last month.

“‘The Bass’ is among the most dynamic rock tracks we’ve heard so far in 2017. If this is an indicator of what we can expect on their forthcoming EP out later this year, sign us up.”
Rich Nardo, Paste Magazine

“A mind-blowing track that combines groovy rock anthems with electronic elements and a weird, yet awesome tropical vibe,”

Now ‘If Only’ is set to do the same. “It’s a disco dreamscape that sounds like it’s come out of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet,” says the band’s singer, Ed Knowles.

Filled with danceable guitar hooks and lyrical scenery, it takes you into a colourful world of late night car rides and romantic ‘what ifs’. “The song’s rhythm speeds along at a galloping pace, despite the musical backdrop feeling gin-soaked and tilted,” he adds.

The new single is taken from Racing’s upcoming EP THE BASS, which brews a soup equal parts Can, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode, seasoned with the soulful melodies of classic Motown.

Get ‘If Only’ HERE

The EP is out on August 25 and sets the scene for an extensive New Zealand tour throughout September and early October. The tour kicks off at Totara Street in Mount Maunganui on September 15 and winds up at Meow in Wellington on October 7.

See full list of venues and dates below.

As fans of Racing and critics will attest to, they’re a live force to be reckoned with.

“I went into Friday night’s performance with little knowledge of what was going to unfold, but I left Whammy completely converted to the undeniable awesome of ‘Racing’ – all hail the future of Kiwi rock and roll.”
– Shawn Moodie, The Speakeasy

Don’t snooze on this one. Get your tickets now – available HERE

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