Crave! episode 62: Deadpool 2, Solo, Steven Adler and his Mum, The Handmaid’s Tale

Steve and Simon have both been to the pictures this week, and while they’re by and large in agreement that Solo: A

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2

Star Wars Story is perfectly serviceable but ultimately less than remarkable, they’re a little more divided on the subject of Deadpool 2, with Simon much more a champion of the film that Steve.

Steve’s been to see Adler’s Appetite, the band Steven Adler, late of Guns N Roses, leads when he’s not busy embarrassing his mum on stage, and found the entire episode a little cringe-worthy. And Steve and Simon are both struggling to deal with the oppressive weight and overwhelmingness of the second series of The Handmaid’s Tale.


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