Crave! episode 63: Ocean’s 8, Hereditary, Niall Horan, Alien Weaponry

Oceans' 8

Oceans’ 8

Simon has gone where Steve wasn’t brave enough to this week, to see Hereditary, the new thriller/horror with Toni Collette. He’s also been re-visiting Alien Weaponry, who impressed at this year’s Auckland City Limits festival and who have released a new album, Tu. Steve’s enlisted the help of Debbie, our regular Intrepid Guest Reviewer, to help him and Simon figure out how they feel about Ocean’s 8, and to explain why he’s wrong and why Niall Horan’s recent show at Auckland’s Spark Arena was actually rather good. And if you want to judge how good Niall was for yourself, here’s a video of him singing Bruce Springsteen‘s 1984 hit Dancing In The Dark.

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