Crave! episode 74: Shania Twain, The Children Act, Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, and the year in review

Crave! explores new dimensions with episode 74, our first fully video-recorded episode! Simon and Steve have enjoyed Shania Twain’s first concert in New Zealand, as well as having a lot of very positive things to say about The Children Act, Emma Thompson’s latest film. Simon manages to show some quite significant self-restraint in only gushing a little about Bruce Springsteen’s new releases, video and audio of his year-long run on Broadway.

And, this being late December, it’s time for a look back on what’s been entertaining — and what’s failed to entertain — during the year. Steve and Simon choose their cinematic and musical highlights, and lowlights, of the year; the answers might surprise you.

This episode is available, of course, as a traditional audio-only podcast from your usual podcast vendor of choice or by clicking on the player link below, but now you can also watch Steve and Simon in full technicolor as we discuss what’s been entertaining us recently. If you watch the video, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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