Crave! episode 79: Leaving Neverland, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bryan Adams, Captain Marvel

Alleged paedophilia isn’t really the stuff entertainment review podcasts thrive on, but Leaving Neverland, the new HBO-produced doco about the allegations surrounding Michael Jackson, is a compelling — a very tough, but compelling — watch, and Simon and Steve have a few thoughts to share about Jackson, the boys who accuse him, and the documentary-making of Dan Read.

Bree Larson as Captain Marvel

Last week’s Red Hot Chili Peppers was considerably more conventionally entertaining, but still left our reviewers feeling very slightly dissatisfied; a look at that night’s, and the following night’s, set lists made things possibly even worse. Bryan Adams was something of a palate-cleanser for Simon, who enjoyed the Canadian veteran rocker quite a lot.

And in films, it’s a rare superhero film that Steve enjoys more than Simon does, but that’s exactly the case with Captain Marvel.


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