Crave! episode 86: The Lion King, Crawl, Toy Story 4, Yesterday, and Steve’s interview with Aubrey Logan of Postmodern Jukebox

Toy Story 4

The Lion King is the latest effort in Disney’s trawl through its back-catalogue of classic animations, and while it’s undeniably a technical masterpiece, it’s left Simon and Steve both quite cold.

Unlike Yesterday, the Curtis/Boyle collaboration about the only man in the world who can remember the Beatles. Steve finds the joy in it; Simon just finds problems with the premise.

Crawl is a likeable, if inconsequential, thriller about alligators alligating around Florida in hurricane season, something Steve remembers with little fondness, while Toy Story 4 is, well, another Toy Story — safe, sweet and lovely.

And this week’s podcast extra is an interview with Aubrey Logan, who will be joining Postmodern Jukebox on their upcoming tour of New Zealand and Australia.


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