Marlon Williams and Martin Sagadin create video for ‘Nothing Lasts’ by Adam Hattaway and The Haunters

Musician Marlon Williams and director Martin Sagadin have teamed up to create a dark and whimsical visual for ‘Nothing Lasts’, from Adam Hattaway and The Haunters 2019 album Crying Lessons

Marlon Williams has directed several of his own music videos, but this is the first time he’s made a video for someone else.

“I was strung out and jet lagged at Brisbane airport at 4am in September last year, listening to Adam’s album Crying Lessons on repeat and for some impertinent reason decided I should conjure up a video for my favourite track,” explains Marlon Williams. 

“I wanted a prosaic but surreal storyline to basically serve as a canvas for Adams ridiculous cherubic face and this beautiful song. So I went and talked to wizard of the silver screen Martin Sagadin and then we done made this.”

Nothing Lasts

“Haunters guitarist Elmore Jones wrote this one,” says Adam Hattaway. “In keeping with the rest of the Crying Lessons album, it leans toward classic songwriting style, incorporating soul, R&B and tears.”

“A woozy swamp ballad that attempts to walk the fine line between cheese and crackers. As obvious as the title is, sometimes we need to remember that for better or worse, nothing lasts forever!”

Crying Lessons is out now on CD or via streaming services.


Directed by: Marlon Williams & Martin Sagadin
Cinematographer and editor: Martin Sagadin
Art Director & Props Master: Nick Lowry
Camera Assistant: Ella Waswo
Gaffer: Simeon Hoggan
Production Assistants: Gina Johns, Ella Waswo

Appearing: Adam Hattaway, Alex Walls, Gina Johns, Karen McKee, Mario Williams,  Marlon Williams, Martin Sagadin, Mike Williams, Morgan Schroeder, Shaun Malloc, Ryan Chin, Ryan Jones

Thanks to: Zac Beckett-Knight, Courtney Crump


One dark night, under the glow of a gas heater, Adam Hattaway and the Haunters emerged with a soul music anthology in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. They’ll take you back to the good old days, circa. 1965, when a man could simply fall in love and cry about it.

Based in Christchurch, Adam Hattaway and the Haunters have been building a national reputation as an electrifying live act. With sweltering hooks and starry-eyed narrative, their sound says ‘put your arm around the one you love and remember that they won’t be there forever – but maybe that’s a good thing.’

Adam Hattaway is for lovers. A born frontman, he performs alongside three Haunters; Elmore Jones, Liam Quinn, and Thomas Isbister. Their enigmatic live performances are often strengthened by emotive horn lines and organ from some of New Zealand’s filthiest players.

In December 2018, their fuzz-laden debut album All Dat Love, deftly blended noise rock with soul while also paying respectful homage to rock ‘n’ roll. Since then, the Haunters wooed festival goers at Electric Avenue, Nostalgia, and The Great Kiwi Beer Festival before embarking on a relentless national tour. 

Their second album Crying Lessons was released in September 2019. The album has been produced by the acclaimed Delaney Davidson and recorded at Auckland’s Lab Studios with veteran engineer, Jol Mulholland. It is in stark contrast to All Dat Love. The boys have stripped back the noise to focus on their country and blues roots while opening the floodgate to let out just a little more of the raw emotion that defines their live shows.

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