Dub FX new album Roots out now with graphic comic book

DUB FX has just released his anticipated record. DUB FX – the Australian artist renowned for pioneering heavy electronic dub style beats on the streets, using only his voice and a loop station. 

The fifth Album from DUB FX was recorded and produced in his forest home studio in Melbourne, Australia. Going back to his “roots” Dub FX picked up the guitar and crafted the songs out meticulously before bringing in longtime musician friends to add the extra magic and soul to the recordings. 

“From the moment I started making the ROOTS record, I didn’t confine myself to writing or producing anything I thought my audience would expect of me. I found this approach to be incredibly liberating. I played all the guitars, wrote and sung all the vocals, programmed most of the drums, bass and keys and for some tracks, I brought in Musicians. I have been working with these Musicians for the last 10 years, the level of talent and inspiration they came in with lifted the tracks into something I am extremely proud of”.


Each song on the ROOTS album has a matching comic which combines to form a complete graphic novel. Written by DUB FX and illustrated by hand-picked artists from all over the world, the 40+ page comic is an amazingly eclectic collection of inspiring short-form stories available for free with every physical purchase of the album. 

The album ROOTS is available to order in digital, CD and Vinyl formats on dubfx.bandcamp.com. The Graphic novel will only be available physically with the CD and Vinyl. 

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