Crave! episode 96: Greed, The High Note, Money Heist, Shtisel, The Sinner, and a chat with James Reyne.

Crave! is finally back, after months of lockdown and carefully managed isolation.

Shtisel | שטיסל

In this first post-lockdown edition, Steve and Simon disagree on Greed, the satire on the nasty wealthy from Michael Winterbottom, but agree on The High Note, a film which takes a great idea and fails to do very much with it.

Lockdown wasn’t totally wasted, of course, with Simon and Steve finding nothing but good things to say about Money Heist, the Spanish drama that has proven itself to be a global smash. Simon talks up The Sinner, a psychological thriller from the US, while Steve is delighted by Shtisel, a much lower-key family drama from Israel.

And in this episode’s podcast bonus, Steve talks to James Reyne, late of Australian Crawl, about his new album Toon Town Lullaby, due out on July 10th.


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