Double by Darkfield Radio begins tomorrow.

DOUBLE is the first presentation to be broadcast on DARKFIELD RADIO. It is a troubling exercise in familiarity for two people sitting opposite each other on either side of a kitchen table, replicated in hundreds of rooms all across Aotearoa over 20 minutes. 

There is only one rule everyone has to be who they say they are.

DOUBLE | Darkfield Radio

​DOUBLE explores the Capgras delusion, a terrifying condition in which the sufferer is convinced that a loved one has been replaced by an exact replica with malign intentions.

 The immersive audio experience on Darkfield Radio has made history as the first audio-only experience to be part of the Venice international film festival in the

Sitting at the intersections of technology and theatre, the hallmark of all Darkfield creations is the use of 360-degree binaural (3D) sound to manipulate the audience’s sense of reality, with the impressive design creating an atmosphere that perplexes the senses and casts doubt from inside your own house. Tapping into psychology and the very nature of the human condition, Darkfield works are able to transport their audiences – without needing to go anywhere.

 Internationally acclaimed, DOUBLE is the first ever audio-only experience to be part of the official selection for the Venice International Film Festival. Selected as part of the 2020 ‘Venice VR Expanded’ category, DOUBLE will be showcased worldwide, making history as the world adapts to cross-genre interactive events in response to our new normal.

 Darkfield’s three shipping container based shows – SéanceComa, and Flight – have been critically acclaimed in every centre they have toured to, including winning a 2020 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award (for Coma), all noted for their sensory storytelling and incredibly immersive sound design. Welcoming over 160,000 audience members worldwide with tours in the UK, USA, Australia and Mexico, including three sold-out Edinburgh Festival runs, Darkfield Radio was the logical next step for UK Creators David Rosenberg and Glen Neath. These web-based sonic interactions allow more people around the globe to experience the chilling magic of Darkfield’s creativity – including audiences in Aotearoa for the very first time.

Darkfield Radio opens to the NZ public Tuesday 1 September, 2020
Tickets are available via the Darkfield website from Thursday 27 August, 2020

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