Crave! episode 54: Foo Fighters; The Stranglers; Laneway 2018; Darkest Hour; I, Tonya

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour

Steve and Simon both find themselves slight disappointed with largely impressive musical events this week, for very different reasons. Steve just couldn’t quite engage with Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters at Mount Smart Stadium, while Simon hugely enjoyed The Stranglers at Auckland Town Hall, but felt that there was a certain something lacking. The Laneway Festival, on the other hand, put a very big smile on Steve’s face.

On the film front, both of our reviewers have very positive things to say about two films that have a lot in common — they’re both slightly fictionalised accounts of historical figures — but which could hardly be further apart in tone, the Churchill biopic and almost inevitable Oscar winner for Gary Oldman, and I, Tonya, the possibly true story of figure skater I, Tonya, starring a superb Margot Robbie and another likely Oscar winner, Alison Janney.


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