The Frank Burkitt Band release new single Simple, announce New Zealand tour

With sweeping strings, a plucky double bass riff and hugely relatable lyrics, The Frank Burkitt Band today release Simple – the new single from their forthcoming album Raconteur.

Frank penned the track after that thing all artistic types eventually find themselves allergic to… a desk job.

Frank Burkitt Band

Frank Burkitt Band

“I wrote this song after many frustrating days working an office job in which I was continually baffled by people’s lack of common sense. Sometimes in life you come across people that just seem to be on some sort of maniacal mission to make life as difficult as humanly possible. To you, and any other sane individual, everything seems quite straight-forward. But for the people to which I am referring, everything must become difficult, confusing, stressful, enraging, emotionally draining and nothing short of exasperatingly painful. Simple could also be a very cathartic breakup song too.”

Including Simple, Raconteur – which is available to pre-order today – is an album filled with truly wonderful moments indicative of Burkitt’s ability to not only convey profound messages but entertaining anecdotes in his songs.

And in more good news, New Zealand audiences will get a chance to experience these true and tall tales in wonderful settings throughout Aotearoa in April when The Frank Burkitt Band embark on a nationwide tour.

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