Crave! episode 89: Joker, The Goldfinch, Postmodern Jukebox, and Steve’s interview with Steve Hackett

The film everyone’s talking about right now is Joker, and Steve and Simon are in agreement: it’s a quite remarkable film. Not, by any stretch, light entertainment, but it’s a compelling watch.

The critics have been in agreement about The Goldfinch, the adaptation of the massively popular novel by Donna Tarth, and they’ve almost universally disliked it. But Debbie, the Intrepid Crave! Guest Reviewer, explains to Simon why they’re all wrong, and why this is the adaptation the book deserved.

Simon’s been to see Postmodern Jukebox, and, shonky sound quality notwithstanding, was very impressed by the show Aubrey Logan, and the rest of the band, put on.

And in this week’s podcast extra, Steve talks to Steve Hackett, one-time guitarist for prog-rock behemoths Genesis, about his New Zealand shows next year.


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