PAPERCITY deliver self-directed video for new single, FEEL

Hard-edged, Kiwi pop trio PAPERCITY follow the release of their hot new single Feel with a slick new video, directed by vocalist and guitarist, Alex Hargreaves.


Bottling the intensity of the single, and it’s triumphant message to hold tight through the toughest of times, the video is the second self-directed clip for the three-piece, which began in 2019 with the expertly crafted video for their debut single, Plastic.

Dark, fast-paced and popping with bursts of saturated colour, the video juxtaposes the confinements of a house ready for demolition against a backdrop of a car ride to freedom. The video was filmed in slow motion but performed at twice the speed, enabling the switch between dreamlike and fast-paced effects – keeping in step with those feelings of operating at slow motion through emotionally challenging times. 

We filmed it at a house that was being demolished. I really loved that the house looked like a normal home except really run down and without any of the things in it that make it a home. I think that really relates to the song – that feeling of emptiness.

Alex Hargreaves
Papercity: Feel (official music video)

Shot and edited by Piotr Kwasnik, and produced by Caitlin Shinnik, the night shoot posed a few initial challenges:

“We shot at an isolated spot in the middle of the night which made us all really nervous – we had location approval, but we were hyper-aware that anyone could just show up. It added nicely to the tension. There’s also a part where I had to run towards the camera in the darkness and I legitimately couldn’t see anything except the light on our cameraman’s camera. The ground was super uneven and I just had to trust Piotr and run (and hope that I wasn’t going to impale myself in the process).” 

Alex Hargreaves

Feel brings together relatable lyrics, a punk attitude, and dose of guitar-based aggression all woven together with a pop-laden hook. Expect more singles from PAPERCITY in 2020.

Feel is out now through all digital outlets.

Alex Hargreaves – Guitar, Vocals
Sam Edmonds – Drums
Ellery Daines – Bass


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